About Us

A fish market of statements where nobody is ready to pay the price when it comes to ‘exclusive stories’ has lead ‘The News Today-TNT’ to come into being. We are a team of professional journalists working day and night to achieve nothing but to report truth with responsibility. Besides, the creative writers and contributors associated with The News Today are doing a marvelous job by making TNT’s readers read the unread.

The News Today-TNT believes in reaching out the unreached through its stories and talking about all those peculiar issues, which others do not dare to talk about. TNT is a one-stop window for the readers who intend to read exclusive content, something which the traditional media do not bother to cater. The News Today is simply the fruit of desires people of 21st century who quested for a platform to see the exclusive stories and creative content which gets missed out in the bombardment of non-news items on us.  With its sincere efforts, TNT is putting its due share towards empowerment and nation building of our society.