CEC Sikandar Sultan says General Elections held in 100% transparent manner

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ISLAMABAD: ECP Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Sikandar Sultan Raja has said that the elections have been 100 per cent transparent throughout the country as no voter was stopped across Pakistan. “I am sure that the results of these elections will be accepted,” he emphasized.

Talking to the media at the Election Commission office in Islamabad, he said that the election was transparent and peaceful as the polling process continued without any interruption, and no citizen was prevented from casting his vote.


Sikandar Sultan Raja said: “Where there is a connectivity issue, the concerned Presiding Officer (PO) personally went to the office of the concerned Returning Officer (RO) and provided Form 45.”

According to the law, that could only be extended till two hours, if the time was asked for.

“In three polling stations in Gujarat, the time was extended because the concerned ROs requested for the extension,” ECP CEC said.

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