Choose To Be Four-Leaf Clover

You might have found it strange when you read the title.

What is clover; a plant that enjoys short life.

What can we humans — the mighty among all the creatures — learn from a plant?

According to the Japanese concept, each leaf of the clover represents a specific trait which people need to adopt.

However, the first leaf means “integrity” which seems such a sweet word at first that engages attention, but rarely inhabits within the souls of people today.

It is hard to find and even harder to obtain. Kindness and honesty are supposed to be the very own nature of mankind, but it is unfortunate that integrity has become nothing, but an imagination to most of us.

We ought to be the leaf that influences people for the good; to fight with demons. It may help people survive in the difficult situation.

As far as the second leaf of clover is concerned it may lead to “hope”. People today hardly find that word meaningful. And if you find it nothing but a word in dictionary, then I would suggest you find it again in the life’s pages.

‘Hope’ is what makes us wander until we find a meaning to live. It is what insists everyone to do more, better, and keep on doing it.

Be the hope that people crave for, convince them it exists, influence them and give your environment hope and still if they lack it, then perhaps it is time to distribute more of yours. Only then you can have an increase and see the reflection that multiplies your hope.

I think the third leaf speaks of the reason why we were created. It is symbol of “love”. To pass love onto others is giving them the reason to believe that God exists. Within each move you take in order to be a good person, assert that you have taken the step of love and to be loved in return.

Only then we can live in a perfect world that consists of nothing but love which is the state of being modest and not prideful. However, love is what justifies and witnesses goodness, and obliterates hate forever.

The fourth leaf of clover unlike the three other leaves is rare. The ratio of finding it is 1/10,000 and it brings “good luck” to those who find it, I opine.

Human nature is supposed to commit mistakes and suffer for the fate and also bleed for the cuts they had from themselves. To be good for oneself is in the system and close to nature but to do good for others is uncommon.

If you chose to be anything in the world, be the fourth leaf to your fellow humans. You will be no one but “Good luck” and elaborated as a gem within 10,000 stones.

The world we survive in will confidently fight against despair with hope, hatred with love, betrayal with faith until the day it comes to an end and it will possess a special weapon of its own; “Good luck” because by the time world gets a hold of all these traits, every person fighting against themselves and any other thing will say with pride “I have become the four-leaf” clover.

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