CTD arrests member of Lyari gangwar

KARACHI: Counter Terrorism Department on Friday claimed to have arrested nephew of Ustad Taju, a member of Lyari gangwar from city’s Site area.

Incharge CTD, Chaudhry Safdar said the arrested accused has confessed his involvement in heinous crimes including 12 target killings.

According to the confessional statement of the accused. he killed Amjad Heroinee in 2010 in Naya Abad and MQM’s member in Usmanabad in 2011.

The CTD Incharge said, the accused gunned down Iqbal ‘Kana’ in 2012 near Water Pump area of the port city. He also confessed murdering Maqsood Gujrati along with his companions.

The accused fled Dubai after commencement of operation in Lyari against the criminal elements and was arrested on a tip-off today, Mr Safdar said.

The arrested member of the Lyari Gangwar was still in contact with his uncle Ustad Taju, who wanted to reorganize his group again in the area.

Earlier on July 19, last year, Karachi police had arrested four suspects associated with the Lyari gang war during a raid and seized illicit arms from their possession.

The SP Lyari said the arrested suspects, identified as Zeeshan alias Tissue, Pyar Ali, Asif, and Ali Nawaz were affiliated with the gang’s Atif alias Fauji Group.

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