Elections 2024: Independents bag 88 NA seats, PML-N 61, PPP 46 out of total 229 results

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ISLAMABAD: The Election Management System (EMS) of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has received results from various constituencies across Pakistan, providing insights into the unfolding electoral landscape.

In total, results from constituencies have been received, shedding light on the composition of both the National and Provincial Assemblies. Among the National Assembly’s 229 constituencies, a diverse mix of candidates has secured victories, including 88 independents, 61 from PML-N, and 46 from the People’s Party.


Similarly, in Punjab Assembly’s 13 constituencies, PML-N emerged as the leading party with 8 wins, followed by 3 independent candidates and 2 seats secured by PML-Q.

The Sindh Assembly results indicate a sweeping victory for the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), with successful outcomes in all 28 constituencies received thus far.

Moving to the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly, independent candidates dominated the electoral landscape, securing victory in 36 out of 39 constituencies. However, PML-N clinched two seats, while JUI secured one seat in the assembly.

Lastly, in Balochistan, the JUI-P emerged victorious in the received constituency results, reflecting the diverse political dynamics across the country.

These results provide a glimpse into the evolving political landscape of Pakistan, showcasing the varied electoral outcomes and the distribution of power among different political entities in the National and Provincial Assemblies.

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