Hania Aamir on not telling people ‘who are you dating’

Hania Amir - The News Today- TNT

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani showbiz diva Hania Aamir recently opened up on her new plans in life about dating and other activities.

During an interview with a social media outlet, the drama seriel “Mere Humsafar” star stated that she was a person who never put herself first, and let the backlash on social media and controversies get the best of her.


The “Sang e Mah” actress said, “when new actors enter the industry, they are not really trained for fame or how to handle it, and so people learn via trial and error.”

Hania advised the viewers not to put their relationships on media because if things do not work out, it is nearly impossible to clarify about what went wrong. She said even people from the industry start weighing in on your life.

“You should never tell people who you are dating, what’s happening. That should be a no-go zone. Big crosses,” she said.

Actress Sadia Faisal reacted to Aamir’s post by saying that celebrities these days even post about when they’re using the loo.

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