According to Malthus’s theory of population, human population grows in geometric (2,4,6,8,16). On the contrary the food supply, at most, increased arithmetically (1,2,3,4,5).


Meanwhile, Malthus argued, if the population is not kept in check, then nature takes charge, through natural disasters, earthquakes, wars, diseases, famines, etc.

Can we present the current pandemic of COVID-19 as an example?

Although the theory has earned its name for being controversial, however, my personal story proves it to be true. I was married in June 1964 at the age of 22. After marriage, I had seven daughters and a son. All are married and have children. The number of their offspring hovered around 25.

Was Malthus’ theory wrong?

When I had three children, the doctor advised me to undergo sterilisation of my wife, so I got her convinced, but when her mother found out, she came to me and said, “Son, the operation can also be performed on men. Why don’t you do it? Is my  daughter a guinea pig?”

Can family planning could be succeeded in these circumstances?

In 1997, I was a senior accountant in a reputable bank when “golden handshake scheme” was introduced by the then-government. Without any delay, I instantly applied for the offer. Because an insurmountable task always fretted me, that’s how to marry off my 8 children in the tough socioeconomic conditions in Pakistan, where most families had their savings drained, or worse, got indebted for years.

Though, my services have still four years left, yet, the scheme proved to be a blessing in disguise for me. And eventually, I fulfilled all my responsibilities of my children.

Now there is neither pension nor facilities, is this a successful life?

The only solution to this problem is late marriages. And to implement a scheme in the country which has far-reaching consequences and can control the population.


All Pakistani girls between the ages of 18 and 20 can sign an agreement. The agreement is valid for 5 years and must include the consent of the girl’s parents. The bond amount of Rs 5 lakh should be paid and if the girl doesn’t marry in this period, and if she wants, she can terminate the agreement prematurely.


  1. Concession of 5 marks in admission to Government College
  2. Preference in Government services
  3. Concessions in train and plane fare etc.

Tailpiece: This scheme can be introduced under Ehsas program. It will bring great relief to the poor and middle class multitude, like me and will also be able to control the rapidly growing population.

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