New director general assumes leadership at Federal Investigation Agency

ISLAMABAD: Ahmad Ishaque Jehangir, a seasoned and esteemed officer from the Police Service of Pakistan (PSP), on Tuesday took charge as the Director General of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

Jehangir, brings a wealth of experience and a distinguished career in law enforcement to his new role. His previous position involved serving as the Additional DG in FIA’s Cybercrime Wing.


Having served in various capacities across all four provinces of Pakistan, Jehangir is widely recognized for his professionalism, honesty, and unwavering commitment to upholding the law. The ceremony marked the beginning of a new era under his leadership.

Upon assuming office, Director General Jehangir paid homage to the sacrifices made by the agency’s martyrs at the Martyrs’ Memorial. Following this, he engaged with the Additional Directors General (ADGs) and Directors, expressing his firm determination to enhance the institution’s capabilities and improve service delivery.

In a statement outlining his vision for the FIA, Director General Jehangir emphasized core values such as honesty, duty, and effective law enforcement. He pledged to take urgent measures to enhance public service delivery, with a commitment to providing the best services to the people.

Addressing immediate challenges, Director General Jehangir highlighted the need to combat human trafficking, cybercrimes, money laundering, corruption, and other white-collar crimes in the country. He asserted that stern action would be taken against individuals spreading fake, objectionable, and hateful content on social media, in strict accordance with the law.

Emphasizing the agency’s commitment to preventing human trafficking and ensuring public awareness, Jehangir announced a joint strategy with national and international organizations to tackle international crimes such as human trafficking.

Recognizing the critical role of professional training, the Director General issued orders to focus on the specialized training of investigation officers and senior officers within the agency. He emphasized a zero-tolerance policy against misconduct and stressed the importance of performing professional duties diligently.

Director General Jehangir concluded by stating that any negligence in the performance of professional duties would not be tolerated, and stringent legal actions would be taken against officers involved in misconduct and negligence.

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