Pakistani diplomatic missions celebrate Kashmir Solidarity Day worldwide

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ISLAMABAD: Pakistani diplomatic missions around the world observed Kashmir Solidarity Day to show support for the self-determination right of the people of Indian occupied Kashmir.

In Dallas, USA, a seminar organized by “Friends of Kashmir” brought together Kashmiri expatriates, local dignitaries, and Sikh community members to express solidarity.


Similarly, in China, Pakistani embassies organized events to highlight the plight of Kashmiris, alongside discussions on global peace and security.

Meanwhile, in Abu Dhabi, the Pakistani embassy arranged a ceremony attended by a significant number of Pakistani and Kashmiri diaspora members, emphasizing Pakistan’s unwavering moral, diplomatic and political support for Kashmiris.

In Tehran, a gathering at the Pakistani embassy saw the Ambassador shedding light on the atrocities committed by Indian forces in Kashmir and urged adherence to UN resolutions for a peaceful resolution.

In Cairo, during a seminar organized under the auspices of the Pakistani embassy on the occasion of Kashmir Solidarity Day, attendees vehemently condemned the Modi-led Indian government’s hostile actions against Kashmiris and Muslims.

They emphasized that Jammu and Kashmir is an internationally recognized disputed territory, and India has unilaterally revoked its special status. Participants, including scholars, members of civil society, journalists, students, and members of the Pakistani community, gathered to denounce the atrocities committed in occupied Jammu and Kashmir. The seminar featured speeches highlighting the ongoing human rights violations by Indian forces and called for immediate international attention to address the situation. Ambassador Sajjad Bilal commended the organizers for raising awareness about the Kashmir cause and urged the global community to intervene to end Indian state-sponsored oppression.

He underscored that expressing solidarity with Kashmir represents the support of the Egyptian people for their Muslim brethren in occupied Kashmir.

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