Pakistani nation observes Kashmir Solidarity Day today

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ISLAMABAD: Pakistani nation is observing Kashmir Solidarity Day (February 5) to express complete solidarity with Kashmiri people striving for their right of self determination.

Solidarity Day is being observed all over Pakistan and abroad and different programs, seminars, protest demonstrations will be organized to shake world conscience.


The Solidarity Day marks to condemn the Indian occupation and atrocities in the disputed region of Kashmir.

Pakistan has declared a nationwide public holiday.

In Muzaffarabad, a determined commitment to support the Kashmiris will manifest through the creation of a human chain symbolizing unity against oppression.

The Kashmir Solidarity Day is a solemn occasion for the renewal of the pledge to continue the just struggle for the people of Kashmir’s inalienable right to self-determination.

Across the country, individuals from diverse perspectives will come together to organize rallies and protests, amplifying their collective voice against the injustices in Kashmir.

Meanwhile, Pakistani missions worldwide will host seminars and visual displays, aiming to draw global attention to the ongoing plight of the Kashmiri people.

The national media outlets will play a crucial role by broadcasting special programs and publishing dedicated supplements.

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