Punjab transporters refuse to resume operations despite government orders

LAHORE: Punjab public transport owners refused to resume transport operation in the province despite orders from the provincial government and transport bus stands wearing an empty look on Monday morning.

No drivers, conductors or any staff was seen at the inter-city and inter-district transport stands and people were seen as stands to get a bus to move towards their destination. “We are looking towards government now as what decision it is taking, said a passenger Rizwan at Pirwadhai Inter-city bus stand.

A day earlier, transport owners had declared they refuse to resume operations in Punjab until the provincial government sets up SOPs in collaboration with them and takes back the decision to offer a 20 per cent reduction in fares.

All Pakistan Public Transport Owners Federation (APPTOF) Chairperson Asmatullah Niazi had said, “There’s a 20 per cent cut in fares and now 50 per cent fewer customers […] We have to pay toll taxes, traffic challans from the motorway police, bus stand charges, and various other expenses as well.

“We cannot run public transport operations with 90 per cent deficit,” Niazi added.

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