Release results in half an hour or face consequences, ECP tells ROs

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ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) in a surprise move, has instructed all Provincial Election Commissioners and Returning Officers to announce the results of the recent general elections within the next 30 minutes.

This directive comes amidst a delay in results, with concerns of transparency and speculation swirling.


The ECP has instructed Returning Officers to declare the results within the next half-hour, emphasizing the urgency of the matter.

A spokesperson for the electoral watchdog underscored the importance of timely result announcements, stating that strict action will be taken against any officers who fail to comply with the directive.

This stern stance reflects the Election Commission’s commitment to upholding transparency and accountability in the electoral process.

Earlier, the ECP has shed light on the unprecedented delay in releasing election results across the country. In a recent statement, a spokesperson for the Election Commission elaborated on the situation, revealing that thus far, results from only 9,000 polling stations have been received.

Addressing concerns over the delay, the spokesperson emphasized that a staggering 81,000 polling stations are yet to report their results. This delay has prompted questions and speculation about the integrity and efficiency of the electoral process.

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