Waziristan: Hundreds saved from vehicles in deadly blizzard

Snowfall - The News Today - TNT

WANA: Around 37 vehicles were stranded, and at least 423 people were trapped, including families in an unprecedented snowfall in Waziristan who waited hours for help.

A tourist trapped in her car for hours due to unprecedented snowfall has described how she saw death in front of her as she waited for help.


She was one of the thousands who rushed to view the winter snowfall in the hilltop town but trees fell and blocked roads after a blizzard hit the area leading to the North Waziristan Shawal area of the Miransha.

She told the The News Today (TNT) that she left home at 16:00 local time to travel to Angoor but later found herself among those trapped in the snow.
The passenger said, “I could see trapped people in front of me. It was like there were snow peaks built around our cars. I can’t explain what I was going through.”

According to authorities, the blizzard dumped up to 2 feet of snow in just a few hours.
“It was unprecedented,” an official told The News Today. “There were strong winds, uprooted trees, avalanches. People were terrified.”

People were finally rescued at 10:00 the following day, spending the night in one of the shelters set up in the Zamchan area, which sits at 7,500 feet above sea level. But among those who were trapped were children, emergency services said, as well as two families of five and eighteen families.

Questions are being asked about how this was allowed to happen.

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