We and Racism

I have been raised in a family considered superior than the blacks, have never confronted judgmental behaviour because of the caste I am from, have always been greeted with respect and have had my wishes granted right before my eyes when I felt ragged or harried, have had black workers who never got to see their families without having an acceptance from my family (that happens in most others), and blacks would never venture to despise the brown within my surrounding.

I enter the office of doctors without any permission or to say by telling my family name seeing the sick poor black child who could have been suffering as much as I was. Many acts have been undertaken by us with the privilege of having a clean background and a high and mighty caste.

Marrying a black, befriending out of limitations, working under a black, being born elite and not presenting it, was regarded as a whole different level of sin and the type of sin that was considered one by my fellow humans.

However, this confession is not to whine about the mistakes I made, but the unending unjust steps everyone else around me with same status as me, are taking so unconsciously that it seems like to be a norm despite being a taboo.

The blacks suffer everywhere in the world and that suffering is nothing to yearn for, rather forced to accept. I once heard someone saying to me, “Black would possibly betray just because of the colour they possess and I don’t want you driving the knife any deeper than it is” and the only possible answer I could think of was, “It is much better to feel pain yourself than to inflict it on others”.

Today I am writing about those who could be killed for writing about themselves and misunderstood by opposing their superiors or heads and this is the range of cruelty we have reached and I let myself be the expression of their racism. I might get opposition, but satisfying my soul and accepting what I believe is true does more than just revealing the truth. It is a big deal because it rewrites history. This world we survive on is meant for everyone.

Wondering countless dreams shattering, tears flowing, bullied words echoing in the ears constantly, and being oppressed because of mere skin color, has caused immense pain to more than countless people we could possibly imagine. Blacks have had enough and this suffering needs to soothe and numb down in our society.

I hope we would understand the reality and stop the racist cells that have been dug deep within the nerves of our minds. The fact that racism is so hard for the person suffering from it scares me and I wonder if the cost of this judgment will be the person.

Staying away from a racist culture is hard and writing about an anti-racist is a harder task. I heard you can see goodness as long as you see darkness, but I believe you can bring goodness staying away from the darkness that surrounds your thoughts.

I believe, the pain that devoured them alive never reincarnates them to feel it all over again and they could proudly say we live in peace with our companions not superiors. Because beneath those different colored skins, we possess the same red blood.

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