You Would Be Treated Really Well Maa

“You would be treated really well over there maa”, Samad said to his mother as he was going to leave her in the old home.

He forgot the fact that she was the one who used to starve herself so that he could eat well. The one who used to fulfill all his needs and wants, neglecting and sacrificing her own happiness and ease for the sake of his future.

The one because of whom Samad became the CEO of a multinational company and achieved what he wanted to.

Today, he was living a lavish, successful and a happily married life, but was reluctant to look after his mother because he considered her a burden and an intrusion in his life. With tears in her eyes, she used to implore him, “Please Samad! I shall take care of myself. I will not interfere in your life. Please don’t detach me from you”.

But he was the most heartless person at that time. He pushed her and left her on the floor in the main room. “YOU ARE SICK MAA! I don’t have time to fulfill your responsibilities. I am too busy with my family and work. You are annoying and I don’t have time for this childish behavior”.

These words tore her apart and she felt that the ground beneath her feet shook, as if the earth had thrown up all its burden on her shoulders. She was crestfallen and had never imagined that she would be treated like this by a person for whom she gave up everything.

The next day she found her luggage in the car. She stared at every nook and corner of the house with awe, drowning in memories of the best times with Samad. Suddenly a voice brought her back to the reality, “Come on maa! You are driving us late”, Samad frowned.

She was standing at the doorway, unwilling to leave her house and her son, but she knew she had no other option. She sobbed and tried to hug him for one last time but he pushed her away and told her to sit in the car.

The day he dropped his mother at the old home was the day his downfall began. His marriage dissolved, his company was constantly in loss, his health was declining rapidly and he lost control of everything in his hands. The reason for this curse was still unknown to him. He did not realize that he had given up his heaven with his own hands.

One day he got a call, “Can I speak to Mr. Samad”, said the voice over the phone. “Yes, this is Samad speaking. Who is it?”. “We are sorry to inform you that your mother has passed away today. You can come and take away the body for burial.” These were not just words. These words felt like a slap on his face. Words that made him realize what he had done. Words that ruined everything for him.

That was the day when he understood the reason behind his decline. But it was too late now. All he wanted to do was find ways to curtail his regrets but he knew there was not any. He kept on crying and begging for his mother to come back, but he knew fairytales do not exist.

Treat your parents, especially your mother with immense love and affection, since she has done so much for you that you cannot ever repay her.

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