Yumna says the toughest character she has ever played is Bakhtawar

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LAHORE: Recipient of three Lux Style Awards for Best Actress categories, Yumna Zaidi is shining in television industry with her immense talent and unique style. Recently the actor gained massive praise for her versatile character in an on-going drama serial “Bakhtawar”.

During the recent interview, Zaidi revealed the tricky side of behind the scenes while sharing her experience of performing the very difficult and unique characters of Bakhtu and Bakhtawar.


“The transition from Bakhtu to Bakhtawar was really difficult. It was so tricky to be on-screen without makeup and carrying baggy attire while maintaining the tone of a male character but I picked it as a challenge to portray the injustice being faced by women all around the world and to showcase the struggle & a firm stand of a woman during the challenging scenarios of her life which she has to encounter,” stated Zaidi.

The “Dar Si Jaati Hai Sila” actress moved on further and expressed her gratitude towards the strong women out there dealing the stereotypical environment on a daily basis as she reminisced her own experience of the shoot.

“While shooting scenes in the local markets for both the roles as Bakhtu and Bakhtawar, the thing which I realized is the difficult daily life of a women or a girl when she has to move out, travel, work or shop alone as it is really a challenging thing for women to face the prejudiced environment all by herself,” said the actress.

The on-going much-praised drama serial is a story of a brave girl and her way of dealing with the dual-face society’s cruel behavior towards women.

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