Zaman Park yet again turns into battlefield as police launch ‘anti-encroachment’ operation

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LAHORE: Punjab Police on Saturday launched an anti-encroachment operation at Imran Khan’s residence Zaman Park, leaving several policemen and PTI activists injured during the clash.

Notably, the operation was carried out at a time when Imran Khan is away to attend a hearing in an Islamabad court.


More than 1,000 security personnel took part in the grand operation being conducted after previous unsuccessful rounds at the location to arrest Imran Khan.

The police have removed camps set up outside Imran Khan’s residence using cranes.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) activists confronted the police as it removed impediments leading to Imran’s residence.

The activists pelted stones at the security personnel and beat them up with batons, leaving at least three policemen injured who were shifted to Services Hospital.

The police retaliated with baton-charge and managed to break through the gate of Zaman Park and gain entry into the premises.

According to reports, several PTI workers have been arrested during the operation.

The police officials justified operation saying that they had search warrants.

During the operation, the police claimed recovering weapons from Khan’s house.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan responded to the ‘attack’ on his residence saying that the police action was taken when his wife – Bushra Bibi – was alone at home.

In a series of tweets, the former premier claimed that the operation was part of the London Plan to ensure absconder Nawaz Sharif comes into power which he termed as quid pro quo for acquiescing to a crucial appointment.

The Lahore administration has also beefed up security on Mall Road to prevent assembly of PTI workers following the operation.

The main artery of the city has been closed for traffic owing to which the commuters faced extreme difficulties.

At least four prisoner vans were stationed on Mall Road with heavy contingents of Anti-Riot Force deployed to handle the untoward situation.

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