Alkhidmat Foundation completes chlorination of over 6739 Mosques

ISLAMABAD: Alkhidmat Foundation, the community welfare wing of Jamat-e-Islami under its countrywide chlorination campaign completed chlorination of over 6739 Mosques.

The organisation has also completed the chlorination of over 121 government hospitals. Besides Mosques and hospitals, it has conducted anti COVID-19 spray campaign in hundreds of churches and many other places of worship of minorities, media wing of Alkhidmat Foundation said on Wednesday.

President Islamabad chapter of Alkhidmat Foundation Muhammad Abdul Shakoor said social distancing and precautionary measurements are very import and must be followed.

He said anti virus spray and chlorination campaign during such outbreak was need of the time and it could help to minimise the virus spread.

He said chlorination campaign was conducted beyond religion or sect; adding that they had chlorinated the Churches and Gurdwaras besides Mosques in order to protect the minority community from the threat of covid19.

During the chlorination process in religious places, all necessary precautionary measures were followed.

He said moto of Alkhidmat Foundation is nothing but to serve the community beyond religion, sect and colour.

Many other organisations working under the religious parties have join hands with the government to help poor masses.

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