Ban on Import of Wild Cats and Mammals

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ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Climate Change Senator Sherry Rehman and the CITES Management Authority Board meeting has decided to impose a ban on the import of all exotic mammals into Pakistan.

Speaking to the attendees of the Board Meeting, Minister Sherry Rehman remarked that “Import of exotic mammals is becoming a serious problem in Pakistan. It is against the natural rights of an animal species to deprive them of their habitats especially when we cannot provide them the specified accommodation needed, merely for personal entertainment purposes.


Confining these mammals to cages, zoos, and private residences affect their mating patterns, putting them at risk of abuse, either voluntary or inadvertent.

Moreover, with a change in their accommodations these mammals end up dying lonely and painful deaths.”

Ban will include CITES and Non-CITES listed mammals, elephants, Wild Big Cats like lions, tigers, and leopards. In addition there will be a ban on the export of local species of birds (live, parts, and derivatives) on commercial bases.

The meeting was attended by Secretary of MOCC, Additional Secretary MOCC, Joint Secretary MOCC, Director General WWF Hammad Naqi Khan, SNR Director WWF, MOFA Ali Haider, and Syed Faraz Raza, Islamabad Administration ICT Sheryar Arif Khan, DG Environment CDA, Saeed-uz-Zaman KPK, IUCN-Pakistan, Gilgit-Baltistan, Nawabzada Amir Khusro Khan Jogazai, Balochistan, Chief Conservator Forest, GB, Forestry Environment and Wildlife Department KPK, Conservator Wildlife, Sindh Wildlife Department, Malik Sanaullah Khan Director General, Mohsin Farooque, Naeem Iftikhar Dar, Director AJK, Secretary Forest and Wildlife, Secretary Forest and Wildlife, Balochistan, Raja Omer, DIGF MOCC, Mona Zaidi Deputy Conservator MOCC, and Mahvish Rauf, Assistant Secretary (wildlife) MOCC.

“It is not only our humane duty to protect the biodiversity of this earth we share with other species but also our responsibility especially after we have destroyed countless habitats and ecosystems for our food, housing, and industries.

We will not be issuing any NOCs (No Objection Certificate) to any zoo or private owner for any exotic mammal to be brought to Pakistan. It is against all laws of nature to import any exotic mammal, big or small and throw them into spaces where they neither grow nor survive , therefore by consensus the board has decide that no NOCs will be allowed for those who attempt to continue such practices”, said the Minister.

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