Cooperation on COVID-19 strengthening Pak-China friendship: Chinese envoy

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ISLAMABAD: In order to combat against COVID-19 outbreak, a common enemy of the world, Pakistan and China have cooperated with each other to weather such a storm.

“The friendship between China and Pakistan has been stabilised by catastrophe again”, said Yao Jing, Chinese ambassador to Pakistan, reports Gwadar Pro App on Wednesday.

Briefing about the two countries’ cooperative, fighting the epidemic, Yao Jing said, “Pakistan and China are true friends sharing weal and woe. Since the beginning of COVID-19 outbreak, China has cooperated with Pakistan closely to jointly fight the epidemic. Through this occasion, a solid basis of friendship between Pakistan and China can be witness”.

According to Yao Jing, the Pak-China cooperation on combating COVID-19 can be observed in two phases.

“In the first phase, China faced tremendous pressure and challenge to cope with domestic outbreak. In this period, all walks of life in Pakistan firmly supported China to overcome difficulty”, he said.

China faced tremendous pressure and challenge to cope with domestic outbreak. In this period, all walks of life in Pakistan firmly supported China to overcome difficulty”


Regarding this, Yao gave several examples. In the first phase, there were several telephone conversations and correspondence between the authorities of Pakistan and China, such as Pakistani president Arif Alvi and prime minister Imran Khan sent letters to Chinese president Xi Jinping and premier Li Keqiang, Imran talked with Xi Jinping on the phone and the foreign minister Qureshi talked with Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi on the phone.

In each communication, Pakistani authority highly spoke of and firmly supported China’s endeavour on combating against COVID-19.

“In such a harsh time, Pakistan senate passed a resolution in support of China’s anti-epidemic efforts. In the meantime, President Alvi made a special trip to China to express his firm support for China.

Meanwhile, Pakistan and China released a joint statement on deepening strategic cooperative partnership and signed a series of bilateral cooperation documents. In addition, Pakistan has made every effort to give a helping hand to the Chinese practically, such as keeping the air routes unblocked, insisting on not evacuating Pakistani nationals from China, and collecting anti-epidemic medical supplies to support China”, he said.

Yao Jing added that, “looking back those events, the Chinese government and people are deeply grateful to Pakistan for its kind support and will carve it in mind”.

In the other phase, when COVID-19 epidemic attacked Pakistan, China also has supported Pakistan to combat against it at full stretch. Including the central government of China, the government of XinJiang province, Chinese enterprises, the Red Cross society of China and non-governmental charities, all walks of life in China have constantly provided support to Pakistan.

“Up to now, China already provided a large number of funds, testing kits, masks, respirators, protective equipment, medicines and other materials. Moreover, China also helped Pakistan establish a provisional isolation hospital in Islamabad to combat COVID-19”.

Furthermore, the Chinese government has dispatched a special aid team composed by Chinese medical experts who have rich experiences on combating against COVID-19. The Chinese military held a online conference with Pakistani military to share the experiences of controlling and prevention the epidemic.

Chinese Embassy and consulates to Pakistan have constantly communicated with Pakistan so that Chinese citizens in Pakistan are taken good care.

Yao Jing summarised that “The friendship between China and Pakistan has been stabilised by this catastrophe, I believe that after this joint fighting against the epidemic, the foundation of Pak-China cooperation will be more solid. And this occasion would bring the two sides to a closer community in the new era”.

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