Dr Zafar Mirza advises people to exercise caution during Eid ul Azha 2020

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ISLAMABAD: Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Health Dr Zafar Mirza advised people to be cautious of the coronavirus and observe the safety standard operating procedures (SOPs)  during Eid ul Azha 2020.
Addressing a news conference, he urged people to book sacrificial animals online so that they can avoid visits to the cattle markets where large gatherings can contribute to the spread of the virus.
Dr Mirza said that the government had prepared in advance for Eid ul Azha 2020 keeping in mind the violation of SOPs that took place during Eid ul Fitr earlier. He added that citizens are not allowed to set up cattle markets inside city premises this time.
“Children, the elderly and the sick should not be taken to the cattle markets and people should try to make collective sacrifices this time,” he added.
Mirza also underscored that the citizens should abide by the issued guidelines to perform Eid prayers to stem the spread of the contagious disease.
The National Institute of Health, in a bid to curb the spread of coronavirus, has issued guidelines for Eid ul Azha, which will be observed on August 1 (Saturday).
”The animal markets to be set up around the time of Eid must adhere to these guidelines for social distancing and protective measures to be practised for preventing the spread of infection among the sellers and buyers and to ensure a safe Eid during the COVID 19 outbreak,” the document issued read.
The NIH had also said that people should keep their travelling to a minimum and refrain from crowding the markets as was witnessed during Ramazan.
“Every person should bring his own prayer mat for Eid prayers,” the advisory stated and discouraged children and the elderly from attending the Eid prayers.
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