Exploring Culture: Argentinian Diplomat’s Journey to South Punjab

Federico Francceschini, first secretary at the Embassy of Argentina, delved into the vibrant tapestry of South Punjab’s heritage.

Dr. Moazzam Khan Durrani faculty member Department of Anthropology The Islamia University of Bahawalpur facilitated the tour and introduced him with the culture of the Region.


The Islamia University has always played its instrumental role in elevating the culture of the region. Using facilities of PTDC and District Government Dr. Durrani executes Cultural Walks for the dignitaries in this region.

Discovering Noor Mahal Museum: They started their journey at the impressive Noor Mahal Museum. Dr. Durrani showed them around the museum and talked about how it was developed. They also discussed how the Pakistan Army helps preserve the region’s history.

Visiting Sadiq Garh Palace and Cholistan Desert: On the second day, they visited the magnificent Sadiq Garh Palace and explored the beautiful Cholistan Desert. Franceschini was amazed by the palace but worried about preserving the country’s heritage. Their visit to the desert gave them a glimpse into local life, and Dr. Durrani shared interesting stories about the area.

Exploring Uch’s History: Uch, with its historical sites like Darbar Bibi Jawindi and the bustling Old Bazar, was their next stop. They also visited Jamia Masjid Al Sadiq, which had stunning architecture and showcased local craftsmanship. Franceschini was impressed by the artisans’ skills and believed their work deserved recognition worldwide.

Diving into Multan’s Heritage: Their last day included exploring Multan’s famous Blue pottery at the Ustad Alam Blue Pottery Factory. They visited shrines and historical sites, learning more about the area’s rich culture. Franceschini also paid his respects at the Royal Graveyard and discussed potential collaborations between Argentina and Pakistan in agriculture and culture.

Franceschini’s journey celebrated South Punjab’s cultural diversity and opened doors for future collaborations between educational institutions in Argentina and Pakistan.

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