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People are so good at copying each other. This tendency could be taken positively as well as negatively. In a world full of new coming trends it’s quite difficult to control ourselves. The trend is something that comes up with new things perhaps particular styling that people try to follow. People enjoy new trends but every trend is just for a particular time.

A specific way of styling clothes, wearing things that are unnecessary but are trending so needs to opt. Styling in a way that looks different from others has become a very important tool of attention-grabbing. Well! That could be stranger either. People who don’t go with the flow of trend are might considered old-fashioned.

It has become quite difficult and suffocating for a Momin to dwell with these modern trends. One has to hold his patience high while walking on his way to righteousness. While dealing with fashion trends, one has to think carefully at each and every aspect of that trend and then opting for it, is considerable!

It has become quite difficult and suffocating for a Momin to dwell with the modern trends.

For the youth, it is quite dangerous to blindly follow modern fashion trends. They jump into a new trend without even thinking about its consequences only once. This has made our youth mindless. Without even reconsidering the pros and cons of a particular trend they just blindly follow it, copy it, and try to be the best copycat.

Let’s make it clear! Life is not easy always. Especially for a Momin. S/he goes through many rough times. In western countries, wearing the hijab is considered a bad act and isn’t appreciated but, without pondering what people intend while wearing it. A Momin ought to think about making Allah happy by obeying His orders. Today’s youth has to realize on what path they are going and for what they are striving for. There is no doubt our youth has great abilities and talents in them. But to use it in an appropriate place is an utmost priority.

The trend could be more effective than how is it. Positive and constructive trends could lead to better results. Muslims should follow better trends but if they don’t see any of them they must make and create them. They could try to be positive, constructive trendsetters which could represent the beautiful trends of Islam. But it could be, by starting from ourselves. Let’s discover ourselves, that how could we contribute to making our trends better and truly inspiring. (Edited by Mamoona Shakoor)

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