General Elections: 56.86m young voters of Pakistan energize electoral landscape

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ISLAMABAD: Record number of 56.86 million young voters will be in a position to energize electoral landscape of Pakistan and the political party which can activate the youth power will form next government.

The number of young voters has witnessed a significant surge to 56.86 million as compare to 46.43 million in 2018 general elections, marking an increase of 10.42 million in approximately six years.


This increase in number of young voters places the youth demographic in a pivotal position to shape the outcome of the upcoming general elections just few days ahead.

Pundists who are watching the February 8 General Elections minutely have note that the vast majority of these young voters, who predominantly use social media, have the potential to influence the electorate through online propaganda tools, potentially altering the electoral landscape in several constituencies if they turn out in large numbers on election day.

Comprising 44.22 per cent of the total 128.58 million voters, the young voters are a demographic force to be reckoned with. The breakdown includes 31.85 million young voters from Punjab, 11.72 million from Sindh, 10.72 million from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), and 2.3 million from Balochistan.

In the age-wise categorization, there are 23.51 million voters aged 18 to 25, with 14.8 million male and 9.32 million female voters. Additionally, 33.34 million voters fall in the age group of 26 to 35, comprising 17.89 million male and 15.44 million female voters.

An in-depth analysis of age-wise voter data reveals that 19 districts, excluding Sindh, have more than 50% of individuals below the age of 35 enrolled as voters. The highest proportion is observed in KP, where 51.40% of voters are below 35 years of age. Some districts in Balochistan and Punjab also boast over 50% young voters, emphasizing the widespread youth engagement in the electoral process.

As the nation approaches the upcoming elections, the substantial increase in the number of young voters highlights their potential impact on shaping the political landscape of Pakistan. The data reflects a dynamic shift in the demographics of political participation, signaling a potentially transformative influence in the democratic process.

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