Guangdong Police donates hundred thousand masks for Balochistan Police

BEIJING: Police from Guangdong Province of China has donated one hundred thousand masks for Balochistan Police.


Dr. Diyar Khan, Counselor General of Pakistan to Guangzhou, received the donations from Guangdong Police.

Dr. Diyar Khan thanks Guangdong Police for showing your love and support. He called it a generous support from Chinese brothers for Balochistan’s police at this time of pandemic.

Guangdong is a coastal province in South China on the north shore of South China Sea. The capital of the province is Guangzhou. It has a population of more than 113.46 million and a total area of about 179,800 km

Guangdong is the most populous province of China and the 15th-largest by area. Its economy is larger than that of any other province in the nation and the 6th largest sub-national economy in the world with a GDP size of 1.47 trillion US dollars as per 2018 statistics.

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