Hania Aamir catches the ‘Ertugrul’ fever, likes Halime Sultan the most

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani actress and singer Hania Aamir, who is very active on social media and often treats her fans with adorable photos and videos, has started watching Turkish historic drama series Dirilis: Ertugrul or Ertugrul Ghazi and likes the character of Halime Sultan the most.

The Anaa actress turned to Instagram and said “If you see me acting different, it’s probably because I started watching a new show and adopted the personality of the character I like the most.”

In the caption, the actress said, “Next character: Halime Sultan.”

Commenting on the post, Ayesha Omar, who is also a die-hard fan of Esra and eagerly waiting for her Pakistan visit, said, “Me tooooooooooo. [sic]”

Also, in her Instagram story, Hania Aamir said she has returned to her Karachi after four months due to the lockdown.

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