High time for people to disown anti-state leadership

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Akhtar Mengal spewed filth mixed with poison in the highly-orchestrated ‘drama’ on Benazir’s death anniversary at Garhi Khudabux. All that was said was nothing short of mutiny. It was said in the presence of all the so-called leaders of the eleven-party alliance – Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM).

There is nothing kind of democracy in any of these parties. Therefore, it can easily be assumed that it is the ‘Parental Defense Movement’ or ‘Perpetually Deformed Movement’ rather than Pakistan Democratic Movement. Every word uttered by anyone on the stage makes everybody an accomplice in the crime. All of them sitting on the stage were party to it. They lauded what Mengal said. None of them denounced the ill-founded allegations on the army. These people have been nurtured by the previous regimes. Snake remains a snake! These people are trying to create a situation in the country that suits India. People like Gurav Acharya openly said in a talk show that within 15 days, something would happen in Balochistan. It happened as he predicted.

On 27th December 2020, we lost seven of our jawans in Harnai. None of the so-called leaders sitting on the stage had the courtesy to denounce such a heinous crime against the security forces. Their quietness means that they had no repents for the act of the enemy. In other words, it was a signal of acceptance and agreement with the enemy. It is a matter of shame for our mainstream media also. None of the channels had the decency to block such a venomous speech. That means that they had the connivance to the crime, too. Why no action has been initiated against these channels by PEMRA, remains a question. Where is the Supreme Court? Why a suo moto has not been taken by the Chief Justice of Pakistan? Does not it come under the jurisdiction of the court?

The situation on the borders with India is not conducive. Modi is in a state of frenzy. Sikhs in Punjab have risen. Their protest is gaining momentum. In order to divert the attention of its public, the fascist regime headed by Modi can harp on to a misadventure. In that case, the internal turmoil being created by these so-called democrats, who in an actual sense are the dictators, can benefit the hindutawa mischief mongers.

This is the time to unite and remain steadfast. All the same elements of all the political parties must rally around the good and show grace by denouncing the wrong and faulty approach of their leadership. Are there any sane people in PPP and PMLN? If yes, then they need to come out in the open as has happened in the JUI (F). Mulla Fazalur Rehman is going to hit the dust due to his own doings. Maulana Shirani and Hafiz Hussain Ahmed have a strong backing. They will not bow out easily. But, till the time it happens, Fazalur Rehman will keep playing his dirty game. The time has come to block the lifeline of these jokers. Some serious decisions must be taken. The iron hand must be used now. Time is running out. Nip the evil in the bud now. Lest it should be too late.

The author is ex Principal Garrison Post Graduate College for Men Lahore Cantt, Ex-Director Academics Lahore Garrison University, and member of the Visiting faculty of multiple universities in Lahore. He is MPhil in Education, Leadership, and Management. He can be reached at khawar.m.haroon2@gmail.com

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