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‘Our dilemma is that we hate change and love it at the same time; what we really want is for the feelings to remain the same but get better.’ says, Sydney J. Harris.

A dilemma is a conflict or a situation with two possible solutions. In this scenario, the person is under the circumstances of something tragic. In a dilemma an individual is put in a situation that he’s forced to make a certain decision out of two equally desirable alternatives, he chooses one and violates the other. It can result in good but it could be morally wrong. It’s a state of struggle occurring within the mind of a character.

A person has to decide through his mind only. It’s neither bad nor good. The mind keeps on stimulating the person and he becomes taciturn, this situation leaves him obscure. He most often procrastinates in most valuable matters. The condition shows no clemency. He becomes futile. It is the decimation of the human brain.

The dilemma could be of several types. It could be normal, bad, or even worse. One of its specific types is Moral/ Ethical dilemmas. An ethical dilemma is such an inadequate condition that can even cause brain death. It’s such a conflict that is common around the globe and it has affected a great number of people throughout the planet earth.

An ethical dilemma is always hard to get rid of. It’s always hard to choose between two or more morally acceptable alternatives. It includes truth-telling and dissent over superintendence. It’s an unbigoted situation.

ethical dilemmas can even cause death

Everyone goes through certain dilemmas in their lives. Some get affected at an early age while some get at old age. We go through 7 stages of life as narrated by Shakespeare. In these 7 stages, we come across different dilemmas. It could be a personal, relationship, love, feelings, etc.

When a person is maturing he observes diversified changes in his surroundings and comes to a result that he should choose his way of life. He’ll choose between good and bad. He’ll choose his good rather than choosing well for humanity. He could be Brandon Breyer from Brightburn or he could be a shining star. It depends on the individual. His life depends on this decision. This will be a change to the person and his fellow beings.

Now the other dilemma is about love, feelings, or relationship. A great topic to debate. If a person is in love he’d do anything for his beloved. He’d even risk his life if required. Imagine being betrayed at this stage where you’re ready to surmount all the obstacles leading in your way. This is inhuman. It has become part of daily life. There are several examples. I have seen immense cases like this. Both, betrayal and its dilemma is a real struggle.

‘Betrayal is an inherent part of love. It doesn’t depend on how much or deeply you love someone. It depends on the magnitude of the dilemma put in front of you.’ Says, Berlin from Money Heist.

Such a truth-telling line. Being an extrovert I have come across great examples up till now. To love is beautiful, to be loved is precious. It’s like the cherry on the cake. I heard this somewhere ‘when it’s over, leave. Don’t continue watering a dead flower.’ Now the betrayed person has to move on but he keeps on relying on memories, the good ones. He has to come up with a decision, to stay or to forget. He can’t win with this dilemma easily.

‘You are my dilemma, one half of me wants you and the other wants to forget.’ Says, Anonymous.

The dilemma is curable. Indeed it is. It can be cured by true direction, motivation, love, positivity, feelings, and much more. We need to cope up with each other to make this world a better place. There are already a lot many inhuman things around us we shouldn’t create more. Life is such a precious gift of Allah SWT we should spend it in a way as told by Allah SWT. We shouldn’t ruin our lives over some foolish acts. ‘So let not this present life deceive you’. Says Allah  SWT in Quran Surah Fatir verse 5. May Allah SWT bless y’all with solemn peace and eternal happiness. (Edited by Mamoona Shakoor)

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