Indians blame Modi for worsening Covid crisis in country

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ISLAMABAD: Amid devastating corona surge in India, anger at Prime Minister Narendra Modi grows with every passing day and Indians are saying that BJP govt has failed them.

A report released by Kashmir Media Service said that Modi is being held responsible for the ongoing Covid calamity for his irresponsible and inhuman behavior. Amidst shortages of hospital beds, medical oxygen, antiviral drugs and vaccines, Indians say they feel abandoned by the govt.


Interestingly, Modi is busy building a new PM’s residence in Delhi when people across India are dying in hospital parking lots, unable to get care, or at home, unable to get an ambulance.

Anger at Modi is visible on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms where calls for his resignation are growing as relatives of Covid patients are frantically searching for medical oxygen. As pressure builds on Modi, Indian government ordered Twitter to remove posts critical of its handling of coronavirus.

Noted Indian author Arundhati Roy has described the current situation in India as a crime against humanity.

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