Iqra University decides zero tolerance against social media trolling

KARACHI: The management of Iqra University, one of the leading private sector educational institutions, has warned of strict action against those found guilty of social media trolling.

Educational institutions which launched online education due to COVID-19, are facing serious issues of trolling by the students. Teachers of different universities have the similar complains.

Iqra University was among the first institutions in the country to start online classes after coronavirus pandemic hit Pakistan in March this year, which resulted in closure of schools, colleges and universities.

”We will maintain respect of teachers at all cost. We have IT system through which we can track the perpetrators”: Administration

“We will maintain respect of teachers at all cost. We have IT system through which we can track the perpetrators”, a senior official of Iqra University told The News Today.

The technological spread has brought its own consequences. Millennials enjoy and suffer equally with the advancement.

The shadiest side of the Online Teaching & Learning is the social media trolling and Iqra University has announced “Zero Tolerance Policy” against the burgeoning menace.

The management of the university has announced to take strict action against any one proven guilty of social media trolling.

There have been numerous complaints about unacceptable memes and disrespectful posts by the students on facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and other social media forums. Youngsters have been involved in creating voice over clips on the recorded video lessons of the teachers as well as using other unacceptable ways of trolling.

Iqra University has already tracked a few cases and expelled the students on spot for violation of rules.

Iqra University reportedly, has already tracked a few cases through their IT networking and expelled the students on spot for violation of the rules. It has been reported that the management has even spotted the culprits from closed groups and penalized as the management claims to keep the faculty’s respect above all.

Cybercrimes have noticeably increased in the post-covid world. However, the initiative by the academic institutes seems a light of hope for academicians across Pakistan.

Higher Education Commission (HEC) which regulates the higher studies in the country, has recently unveiled a comprehensive policy on protection against sexual harassment in higher education institutions.


The new policy also encompasses many aspects of trolling; including threatening students, teachers through use of forged/fake documents or pictures. Use of anonymous letters/pamphlets/e-mails defaming or character assassination of employees/teachers/students.

It includes all i.e. initiating, creating or circulating any kind of unacceptable content in any form about students and teachers on the social media.

Protection against harassment is important not only because it threatens the freedom and conduciveness of the environment at the institutions. At a more fundamental level, such conduct is unacceptable because it violates personal dignity.


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