Islamabad International Airport new CIP Lounge inaugurated

CIP Longue

ISLAMABAD: In a move to redefine the travel experience, Islamabad International Airport has recently unveiled its latest endeavor – a state-of-the-art CIP Lounge operated by the renowned hospitality leader, Serena Hotels.

This inauguration stands as a pivotal moment in the airport’s commitment to enhancing passenger comfort and satisfaction, the management of the airport said.


The collaboration between Islamabad International Airport and Serena Hotels reflects a strategic partnership that bridges the aviation and hospitality sectors. The newly introduced lounge, with its carefully curated design, promises passengers a sophisticated and comfortable environment, aiming to provide a seamless experience during their time at the airport.

CIP Longue Inauguration

Syed Aftab Gillani manager of the airport said the CIP Lounge at Islamabad International Airport embodies the essence of luxury, bringing forth the relaxing and inviting ambiance synonymous with Serena Hotel. The emphasis on quality service and superior amenities reflects the airport’s dedication to setting new standards in the realm of passenger experience. By partnering with a distinguished hospitality brand, the airport seeks to offer its esteemed travelers a heightened level of comfort, choice, and satisfaction, he added.

Passengers visiting the Serena Hotels-operated CIP Lounge can expect an elevated travel experience characterized by opulence and convenience. The partnership not only reflects the airport’s commitment to meeting evolving traveler expectations but also underscores its determination to provide a world-class experience.

The initiative aligns with the airport’s broader strategy to diversify offerings for travelers, ensuring they have access to premium facilities that cater to their diverse needs. This collaborative effort is poised to contribute significantly to Islamabad International Airport’s reputation as a hub that prioritizes passenger well-being and satisfaction.

As the aviation industry continues to evolve, partnerships between airports and renowned hospitality brands serve as a testament to the commitment towards delivering exceptional service. The Islamabad International Airport’s collaboration with Serena Hotels is a shining example of how such synergies can redefine the travel landscape, creating spaces that go beyond mere functionality to offer an immersive and enjoyable experience for all passengers.

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