LHWs threaten to boycott anti-polio campaign if salaries not increased

LHW - The News Today-TNT
ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s lady health workers have been staging a protest at Islamabad’s D-Chowk for the last two days, asking for an increase in their basic salaries.
They said that the government should revise their payscale otherwise they will have no option other than to boycott the anti-polio campaign next year.
Dr Faisal Sultan, the PM’s special assistant on health, held two rounds of negotiations with the protesters but they both ended unsuccessfully. The women said they will continue to protest till the government issues a notification on their salary increase.
Many women stayed the night at D-Chowk and said it was quite tough because of the cold weather. “Many of us are here with our children and they were feeling cold,” said a protester.
The women said that the government had turn off the street lights in the area.
“We don’t care how many days it takes but we will be here till the government listens to us,” said another protester.
The city administration has deployed 1,300 police officers to stop them from entering the Red Zone.
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