Over 400 citizens bitten by stray dogs in Rawalpindi during a month

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RAWALPINDI: Stray dogs have let loose a reign of terror in garrison city of Rawalpindi as more than 400 people have bitten.
Continuous incidents of dog bites is making it difficult for children to step outside of their houses without being frightened.
Stray dogs, roaming on the streets of Rawalpindi, have become a menace to the citizens. Per the report, citizens say there is hardly any street in the city where these “dangerous dogs” are not present, adding that they attack both children and adults alike.
The influx of stray dogs in the city make citizens feel scared for their safety, and many people even feel hesitant to send their children to school in the morning for the fear of dog attacks.
Reports said that citizens say the district administration is not taking any action against stray dogs despite an alarming rise in the number of dog-bite cases in the city.
According to the focal person for infectious diseases Dr Inayat, in the last one month alone, stray dogs have bitten and injured more than 400 people in Rawalpindi.
Medical experts say that if a dog bite is not treated immediately, it can be life-threatening.
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