Pakistan Needs To Move Fast On Multiple Fronts

World media including BBC, vastly reported about China and India border scrimmage in Sikkim.

In Kashmir, the borders are hot. Heavy Artillery is being employed. Within Indian occupied Kashmir, the situation is fast approaching catastrophic proportions. Due to the media blackout, a very little information comes out of the boundaries. Indian Army’s atrocities are not being highlighted.

The world has no doubt, taken notice of the rise of Hindutawa extremism against Muslims in particular and others in general. There is no remedy to the pain the minorities in India had been suffering at present.

COVID-19 pandemic has put the economies of world powers slow. Countries like India are badly affected. There seems no immediate respite in the wake of the pandemic. All said and done but the Hindu BJP government in India is hell bent on towing its agenda of Hindutawa within India and destabilizing their neighbours, especially Pakistan.

Very recently, there has been a surge of terrorist activity particularly in Balochistan. A retired Indian Army officer is on record in admitting their active involvement in terrorism in Balochistan being perpetuated by the Indian intelligence service R&AW in collaboration with the Afghanistan intelligence agency, NDS. Indian media has once again picked up the old rhetoric against Pakistan.

May I ask, where is Shibli Faraz, or read Lt Gen Asim Saleem Bajwa? Our media is still behaving like a bull, sniffing at everything but delivering nothing. Where are the guidelines for them? May I ask where is Mr. Shah Mahmood Qureshi and his foreign office spokesperson? Why are we acting docile?

Pandemic or no pandemic, the state craft does not stop. An immediate and full-fledged campaign must be launched on all fronts, international forums and on media, may it be print, TV, radio and social. Shah Mahmood Qureshi should become more public along with his spokesperson. Shibli Faraz must show his mettle.

I am sure Pakistan will come out of economic crisis much earlier than others. The reason is one being agriculture-based and second is the undocumented economy up to about sixty percent. Prime Minister is moving in a right direction despite impediments. If his economic team can achieve success in reducing the electricity and gas costs, the boom will soon be visible than expected.

It is equally imperative to stall the mad rabid dog across the borders. This can only be achieved with diplomatic thrust coupled with stringent counter measures within the country and on the borders.

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