Racism Still A Big Challenge


Racism also called racialism is one of the biggest issues nowadays. It’s a concept where humans see themselves superior from each other on the basis of colour, caste, culture and religion.

World today is suffering a lot because of racism. Racists have become heartless as they’ve stopped giving respect to other humans. Oppressing others just because they don’t have same colour or culture or religion is so very wrong and it should be stopped.

Everyone has preferences and one should respect it but treating others badly, dishonouring each other, making someone feel bad just because of such differences is a very dreadful act and should be over.

Thousands of innocent lives are being taken around the world because of discrimination based on cultural, religion and colour. Whites are exploiting black, non-Muslims are exploiting Muslims, rich are exploiting poor, even animals are being persecuted.

Oppression is wrong regardless of species. Just because you have different taste or preference does not give you the right to suppress others or enslave them. People should understand that the one being oppressed could be one of their loved ones. It’s important to raise voice against oppression.

Racism can be overcome by educating people, by proper upbringing of children. One should be taught that no one is superior. Everyone has a right to be happy to live a normal life regardless of colour, race, culture, religion or any other difference. It’s important to take action and fight for rights.

Children should be given such a courage and confidence to speak, speak against any kind of violence, wrongdoings.  One should respect others preferences.

(Aamina Wasim is a studnet of bachelors in Accounting and Finance at Comsats University Islamabad)

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