Rising Stars of Instagram

Rising Stars of Instagram -TNT


It is an undeniable fact that everyone who comes into this world brings along a small gift – talent. Talent is what differentiates us from others and makes us stand out; a skill set that can later become an identity or transforms itself into a passion. It is an ability in which everyone has a right to show to the world and own up to their work.

Not everyone gets a chance to show their gift to the world. While some decide to keep themselves hidden from the spotlight, there is a sense of achievement and pride found in those who choose to showcase their cognition’s byproducts – be it under their name or anonymous. Social media platforms like Instagram have given a chance, which is more like an opportunity, to people anywhere in the world to display their talent. Irrespective of art form or genre, it is who you recognize yourself through – painting, writing, photography, cooking, novel reviews, creating awareness and so much more.


Art is a field that is wider than we can imagine. We can find different types of artists who use different techniques to show their talent and the art pages on Instagram are enough to make one feel talentless. Tempest serendipity is an art page on Instagram which goes by anonymous identity, sharing with the world a mesmerizing touch of love and creativity. The artist creates paintings using conventional or sometimes even unconventional elements and products for her work. They have diversified talent from acrylics, to watercolor paints, to canvas paintings, and much more.

“The name tempest serendipity itself explains the dynamics within an artist which usually people choose not to understand”- @tempestserendipity

Rising Stars of Instagram-TNT



Art does not lie in color pencils and brushes alone, but also in the skill of etching memories through photography. Shots_by _villiers is another incredible page on Instagram that will bless your day with fresh, calm, and exquisite shots. Not everyone has the ability and patience of capturing the moment while everyone else is enjoying them. The photograph of a human smile, the calmness of the sea, the alluring existence of animals, and other captured moments on the page will make you fall in love with those subjects.

“It’s a thing that makes me feel better after a long day and especially the smile my work brings on people’s face – it’s worth the effort”- @shots_by_villiers

Rising Stars of Instagram-TNT



It is so satisfying to watch drool-worthy images of fodder on our feed. A_foodies_wish provides a highly organized and picturesque view of their delicious recipes which they have even categorized for clearer understanding of the viewer – French cuisine, Lebanese cuisine, Moroccan cuisine, and much more to add to your wish list. Cooking and handling the dishes itself is an art that is undermined in our society but the way @a_foodies_wish presents its content makes a full stomach empty.

Rising Stars of Instagram-TNT



And the art does not stop here. Isn’t poetry as colorful as a drawn sketch, satiating as a warm plate of food, or a captured picture? _mydah shows off her extreme artistic skills in both writing and painting. On here, you will find exquisite words that ground you to reality, and some fantastic artwork that enhances the existence of said words.

Rising Stars of Instagram-TNT



Pouring of love for art on paper is a tradition we have been seeing for centuries now. @Masakoxishi goes by an anonymous name to draw digital drawings. As much as it is difficult to draw on paper it is equally challenging to draw on an electronic screen. But this BTS fan art page will mesmerize you with details of human facial features.

Rising Stars of Instagram-TNT



A delicate mixture of some aesthetic photographs of scenery and beautiful words make a deadly combination to the faint-hearted. This Instagram page offers you a complete essence of broken hearts and tarnished memories.

“I find it difficult to describe my account in a mere few lines. But I hope that my writings are sufficient in doing it.” – @thefznexpress

Rising Stars of Instagram-TNT



In a society where youth is obsessed with English and its unique literature, this young man, who goes by the name @meem.alif, has surprisingly a very beautiful and wholesome hold on the Urdu language to share with his audience. The essence is enough to make you fall in love with Urdu all over again. And he does not leave out his international fans by providing assistive translation too.

Rising Stars of Instagram-TNT


The works of these artists suffice to make one feel incompetent. But don’t we all have that spark within us? These are just a few of the examples of people out there with incredible talents. It is very difficult for an artist to go against the stereotype of society and embrace their artistic skills. We should all support art as a culture, as a passion, and as a separate field of work. Without art, our lives would remain colorless. (Edited by Khadijah Kamili)


“Peek within and find the flame.

This flame is what should keep you alive.

The feeling of warmth that travels up your spine.

This flame may be tiny,

But ignite it. Find it.

And thereby,

Find your long lost self.”

– Khadijah Kamili


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