SCP reduces sentence of woman convicted of smuggling cannabis

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ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court of Pakistan (SCP)has reduced the sentence of a woman who was convicted of smuggling cannabis with her accomplice.
The two women were caught carrying 10 kilogrammes of cannabis each in Jacobabad in 2014 and sentenced to jail.
Sughra had filed an appeal in the top court for a reduction in her sentence. She said that she has already spent six years in prison and the other woman had died in jail. Sughra was due for release on December 18, 2022.
“We have not been able to find out any material/circumstance to view the appellant or her deceased partner as being privy at the helm of the consignment,” said the two-page judgement authored by Justice Qazi Muhammad Amin Ahmed. “Abandoned by those who ensnared them into the trap, they [the two women] struggled for their release on their own through jail petitions after a trial conducted without craft.”
It added, “the primary purpose behind the criminal justice system is to enable an offender to reform and rehabilitate him/herself to rejoin the mainstream life to once again become a useful member thereof. It is not to wreak vengeance.”
Her sentence has been reduced to the period she has already spent in jail and her fine to Rs30,000. She will have to spend three months in prison if she is unable to pay the fine.
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