Sindh at loggerhead with center over jaloos on Youm-e-Ali; complete ban by NCOC

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ISLAMABAD: Sindh provincial government came at loggerhead with Federal Government and allowed to hold the procession (Jaloos) on May 4 on the eve of  Youm-e-Ali.

Federal Government is firm to ensure that no processions or Jaloos are being allowed on Youm-e-Ali and because of surge in Coronavirus cases round the country.

The National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) has decided not allow processions for Youm-e-Ali on May 4 or Ramazan 20. Asad Umar chaired a meeting of the NCOC on Saturday to decide this. It will apply across Pakistan. No jaloos or processions will be allowed for this specific day.

The decision was taken over rising coronavirus metrics across the country. In the last 24 hours, over 4,600 new Covid-19 cases were reported while 146 people succumbed to the virus.

This contradicts pronouncements from the Sindh government saying that the jaloos will take place as it usually does. Karachi’s DC South Irshad Sodhar had said that the procession would be held. This information came late Friday night. This story will be updated if there is a change in the Karachi government policy.

DC South’s notice for Youm e Ali saying it will go ahead and Majalis gatherings under strict SOPs will be allowed just as SOPs have been announced for Ramazan prayers in mosques.

Last year, on May 15, the same decisions were taken by the government to stem the spread of coronavirus. A complete lockdown was ordered in Sindh from 6am to 3pm on Youm-e-Ali that year. The federal government had banned processions as well. In Lahore, the district administration sealed procession routes with containers.

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