Teenage girl killed for refusing arranged marriage

murder - The News Today-TNT
DADU: A teenage girl was killed in Dadu’s Mehar Taluka after she refused to marry the man her brothers wanted her to.
They initially staged it as a suicide and registered a case at the nearby police station.
Five days later, a post-mortem report confirmed that the girl’s wounds were not self-inflicted. According to the report, she was killed after being shot in the back.
The police have arrested her brother Abdul Hameed Khaskheli, the one who registered the case. The other brother, Noor Nabi Kaskheli, has fled.
The second case has been registered by ASI Samejo on behalf of the State.
The brothers wanted the victim to marry a man named Mir Gul Khaskheli and were trying to force her to marry him.
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