The Dark Side

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Chief Justice of Islamabad High Court had said “Obeying the constitution is Patriotism”. He gave these remarks in the hearing of the Navy sailing club and Naval forms case.

This observation of the Federal Capital Court is very important in current circumstances. Earlier we were used to listening about the disappearances of social rights activists and journalists but now the government officers are also being missed from Islamabad. This indicates that we are surely not learning anything from our mistakes.

With this recent motorway rape incident and the news coming about child abuse from almost every part of the country, one can assume the state of our ‘state’. When Shahbaz Sharif government changed the uniforms of Punjab Police, at that time PM Imran Khan said that Shahbaz changed the police into postmen claiming that our government will bring police reforms in true sense.

But sadly, Imran’s promises are yet to be fulfilled. People only watched the continuous change of IGP’s and stay of untouchable Umer Sheikh on the seat of CCPO Lahore, even after the foolish remarks made by him about the victim of the rape incident.

Usman Buzdar another untouchable, is still the Chief Minister of the biggest province of Pakistan. The unqualified and illiterate political elite is sitting in the assemblies and governments corridors while unemployed educated youth is roaming on the roads. It seems that they are running the country on a day to day basis. Chief Justice of Pakistan has also indicated the inefficiency of the government a few weeks ago.

An issue which this government faced like the previous ones, is the economic mess. Every government takes loans from international monetary institutions but one seriously thinks that where does this money go? What are the reasons behind these weak economic conditions of Pakistan?

Every government puts the responsibility on its predecessors by calling them corrupt. But it is surely the mismanagement of the national treasury. It is stated fact that every government and its institutions use public money to buy vehicles and fuel. Millions are spent on the Parliament sessions, official residencies, and other government offices both on federal and provincial levels. There is a long list of target killing of the financial resources of the state machinery for its own luxuries.

We all know that politicians are very corrupt and not sincere with the country. They made offshore companies abroad. Of course, there is no comparison between the companies of dishonest politicians and some patriots. The people questioning or demanding investigations about these ‘Halal’ companies are stupid.

The alarming thing is that the hatred about some of the state institutions among the masses is increasing. It is a general fact that the power of every state and its institutions lies in public support. Now the majority of people are expressing grave concerns about some of the policies of the state and its handling of matters.

COAS General Qamar Javed Bajwa pointed out the threats posed by the fifth generation warfare in the latest Corps Commanders Conference. It is now time to seriously look and figure out the causes of the suffusion of this hybrid war in our country. This might be the result of our own mistakes by not addressing concerns and issues of communities that made them vulnerable to hybrid warfare. Our brave armed forces are sacrificing their lives to defend the motherland from external enemies. We should seriously formulate a plan to counter the internal threats and save the reputation of protectors.

This is the dark side and it will become darker if we do not start thinking it now. For this, the state institutions have to avoid unnecessary controversies by obeying the constitution. As said by Justice Athar Minallah “Obeying the constitution is patriotism”.

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