University Of Loralai: A Role Model

University of Loralai is probably the only university that is free from the financial crisis and managing financial affairs through a brilliant strategy


Establishing quality education, standard education system, and research-oriented institutions in Pakistan is a futile dream that is driving our generations away.

Political instability, paralyzed social mindset, devastated economic situation and, above all, nepotism have largely crippled and sabotaged the country’s education environment and system.

Worst of all, if a university pursues a well-organized and far-sighted policy, there will be a vicious trend of criticism in opposition.

Criticism has two purposes: to increase pressure on the administration and to get something done for personal interests. The result of such a situation is the emergence of substandard educational and weak administrative systems, more precisely, the failure of a university.

More than that, the scourge and malignity that drive universities are the financial irregularities that are leading our universities to a complete failure. Due to lack of proper management, most of the universities in Pakistan are facing financial deficits at worst level.

There are many universities in the country that are suffering from financial problems. Their financial deficits are in billions, and are escalating over time. Due to conventional bureaucratic wisdom and outdated strategies, these universities have no choice, but to be privatized.

A cursory glance at Pakistani public universities reveals that almost every university, except a few are facing financial deficit.

Loralai University, is among these exceptions. Universities like BUITEMS (Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering & Management Sciences), University of Turbat, Balochistan University, Punjab University and Bahadur Khan Women’s University Quetta have financial deficits in billions.

The University of Peshawar does not even have the money to pay salaries to its employees. Some universities are even using security amounts deposited by contractors for security purposes to cover the salaries of their employees.

One of the reasons for the financial deficit of the above universities is the provision of unnecessary packages to the employees, and academic staff. Deviating from the policy set by the HEC, and adopting the principles of discretion, most of the universities are heading towards the worst financial crisis which will impact the quality of education and ongoing research projects.

In these difficult times, the University of Loralai is probably the only university that is free from the financial crisis and managing financial affairs through a brilliant strategy, which is a welcoming development.

Additionally, despite being a newly established institution, the University of Loralai is successfully engaging the most creative people at all levels. It is promoting nationally compatible level of excellence through development and engagement of highly qualified faculty members, researchers, supportive administration, and appropriate research facilities.

To protect Pakistan’s ideological logics, University is empowering students to intellectually challenge the fierce, modern but defective concepts which are feared to upset our ideological fabric.

To suggest, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) should prioritize a university like Loralai University, located in a remote and underdeveloped area. The HEC must equip universities with all modern requirements to ensure innovative and productive results.

Undoubtedly, malfunctioning and fiascos result due to some dirty eggs rooted in the academic and administrative staff of the universities which should be kicked out without any discrimination.

Transparency and strict measurement are pre-requisites for educational development and research-driven environment. Doing so, the dream of an educated, civilized and prosperous Pakistani society can be logically ensured.

(The author is Islamabad based security and political analyst. He writes for different national and international newspapers on regional security, political and strategic affairs with special focus on South Asia, Central Asia and Indian Ocean Region He tweets on @RahimNasari) 

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