US urges Pakistan to hold fair, timely elections; respect rights, rule of law

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WASHINGTON: US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller has said that the United States urges Pakistan to hold free, fair and timely elections.

He added that Pakistan was an important partner of the US and Washington valued the relationship.


During a press briefing at the US State Department on Wednesday, Miller was asked about America’s view on President Arif Alvi proposing November 6 as the election day and the Election Commission of Pakistan saying it was unable to hold elections at such a short notice, and whether another constitutional crisis was brewing.

Responding to it, the spokesman said the US urged Pakistan to hold free and fair and timely elections, and to respect human rights and fundamental freedoms and the rule of law.

“And we urge Pakistani authorities to move forward with the electoral process in a manner consistent with Pakistan’s laws, as we do with countries around the world,” he added.

The State Department spokesman was also asked whether the relations of Pakistan towards America have improved or decreased in the last one year.

In response, he said he would reiterate that Pakistan was an important partner of the US and the country “greatly value” the relationship, “both between our two governments and the people-to-people connections”.

He was also asked the US’s position on Pakistan and Afghanistan having border issues on Torkham for the last few days that have left thousands of people stranded.

Miller answered that the US would obviously encourage the two governments to work together to resolve that issue.

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