Who are These So Called Liberals Trying to Teach?

“And for women are rights over men similar to those of men over women” [Noble Quran 2:228]

Another fatal attack in the name of human rights!! In its trials to bring us demise, west has nearly lost its sanity.


Consequently, post- modern world is encountering the hyper most shape of western perspectives overwhelmingly projected under the name of so-called sophisticated human rights movements.

However, each claims a different name with the same implicit objectives, may it be Liberalism or Feminism. “Khwateen March” on the “World Women’s Day’ 2019” was another strand sprouting out of the same root where an unknown ordinary group of women has pretended to raise voice for women rights in our society where none of the posters had any meaningful, relevant or even considerable quotes.

The question is not: How much liberty would a woman get through such futile processions or by displaying such shameful placards??

Rather it is more serious of a query to inquire about the identities of those who did not hesitate in holding such deplorable banners which any lady from a respectable background would have rated as utter contempt to themselves. Thus it is enough to reveal the true intentions of all those western culprits who are voraciously after Islamic values.

All the liberal puppets may they possess pseudo identities in the name of social workers, politicians or media representatives, should stay well informed that “WE” as believers do not only promote and support true feminism but are well aware of the distinction between true human rights and manipulation.

Much of gratification can be achieved through social media’s response yet more to come for such filth direly demands a strong reply.

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1 year ago

I agree with other points you mentioned in this article but I do not agree with the point that all the posters were irrelevant and not having any meaning because there were many posters which were quite meaningful like posters about body shaming which is very enlightening for our society so I feel like we should give some credit to them