2nd batch of donation by CTG to reach Pakistan on April 29

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ISLAMABAD: The second batch of donation of medical supplies by China Three Gorges Corporation (CTG) to help Pakistan containing COVID-19 will arrive here on (April 29).

The first batch of medical supplies donated by CTG has already arrived here.

On behalf of the Pakistani government, National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) received the goods and greeted the Chinese representatives at the airport, Gwadar Pro App reported on Monday.

At the handover ceremony, Minister for Power, Omar Ayub Khan expressed gratitude to the Chinese government and CTG for their aids and said, “Long live Pak-China friendship”.

According to Zhang Jun, a representative of CTG, the two batches of supplies include 750,000 surgical masks, ventilators and protection gowns, which is the largest donations Pakistan has received from foreign enterprises since the outbreak of the virus in the country.

Zhang said, 70 percent of the supplies will be donated to National Disaster Management Commission and the largest state-owned hospital in Islamabad to enhance their capacity to battle against COVID-19.

 30 percent will be donated to four communities where CTG’s projects are located, to show their solidarity

Talking about the reason of donations to Pakistan, Zhang said, “When China’s Wuhan was facing enormous challenges amid the virus, CTG’s Pakistani and Chinese workers, made a donation of 13,000 in total to support Wuhan.

In addition, Pakistani workers”, children spontaneously drew over 30 pictures to support Wuhan. Now, the COVID-19 epidemic is getting worse in Pakistan, CTG should return the kindness with a spring, after receiving drips of water when in need.”

On the packaging boxes of the medical supplies donated by CTG, there are many pictures on Pak-China jointly battling against COVID-19, which were drawn by children of CTG’s Chinese workers.

Zhang said, “These pictures show what we donate is not just the materials themselves, but also our moral support”.

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