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It was a bright sunny morning after a stormy night. She was busy gathering logs for fire as she anticipated another storm. The weather had never been predictable on the island. It was never easy to survive on an island alone, especially when one had a baggage as well. Her baggage was her voodoo, she had to save it in the wild.

She looked at the sky worried about another storm, another night, another encounter. She looked around hopelessly. There were countless nights she faced; none made her strong enough to face the next.


Suddenly she realized a blurred shadow was coming towards her. She tightly tucked her baggage holding on with all her force. Panicked, she stood up and ran for a log in case the stranger attacks. The shadow kept on coming closer, closer and there it was almost only half a mile away. She started running towards nowhere. The voice at the back followed.

“Hey, you! Hey wait, listen! Wait. I am not going to harm you. See, I don’t have anything. Wait!”, He said again.

She turned around, holding tightly on to the log for any undue action.

“What do you want?” She was frightened.

“Nothing! Just nothing. Listen, I am stranded. Had been wandering since days on the island. My boat is due in a few days”. He explained.

“Aaa… Ok …So?” She inquired.

“Umm can you please let me sit and explain?” He requested.

Hmm… seems harmless. She thought to herself.

“Ok say!” she inquired.

He sat down gradually, making her comfortable with his gestures.

She looked at her inquisitively. Then she sat at a distance waiting for him to continue.

“It’s ruthless here. I hate gloomy”, He initiated.

“I know”, She mumbled.

There was something about him that made her at comfort. She insentiently, loosened her grip over the log and the baggage. Soon they started talking. He shared his experiences, and she did hers.

“It’s cold. What do you do at night?” He asked.

“I spend my day collecting food and wood. This place is savage. I hope for a day each night and spend each day preparing for the night. Hope some help arrives soon.”, She didn’t sound much hopeful.

“Oh! true…my boat is expected soon.” He replied.

“You may stay at my camp till then. I have enough room for one more.” She replied sincerely.

He looked at her with gratitude, “You are love!”

She got startled at this sudden gesture and tried to interpret the complicated expression.

“No worries! We may gather and cook food together. And yes, I have enough woods for tonight for I expected storm.”, She was pure.

“You are very clever!!!”, He replied.

He came nearer, “Don’t worry about any storm. I am with you. And yes, remember the boat is expected soon. Right!”

She started thanking God already for such a miracle. She smiled at him feeling hope inside, wondering at nature’s play.

It was evening already when they realized the weather was getting unbearable. They went inside the camp trying to avoid the harsh.

The days passed. They spent their time happily sharing the resources, the feelings and maybe the dreams too. Each passing day was strengthening her hope for the boat.

He often used to speak of the boat telling her about the interior and warmth it had. And her eyes shined each time he mentioned the miracle to happen in life.

She started looking forward to the days when she would finally get rid of this brutal island.

Though it was very beautiful spending time together, but she had higher hopes for the future.

They often spent nights chatting and cracking jokes. Their bond grew stronger so much so that she started trusting him with her baggage. Sometimes they had to share food, but they were happy leaving their share for each other.

He used to make her feel secure. She almost stopped bothering about the wild and dark around. His stories had some truth inside or some purity.

Time was mending her. She ignored all the uncertainties and was becoming strong with each passing night.

Finally, it was the day. He saw some indistinct structure floating on the waves and started yelling in excitement. He was jumping with joy.

“It is here! It’s coming…..it’s here!

She looked at his excitement.

“See! I told you. It will arrive. It is here!”

And the boat struck the shore. He quickly jumped inside and began, “Pray for me. My safety. Pray I reach safely”.

She looked at him bewildered, but all was so normal for him.

“But!!”, it hardly came out of her.

She was almost speechless.

Suddenly he jumped off the boat and came near her, “Can you show me yourself?”

There was an awkward silence. She was too puzzled to say anything.

“Are your breasts big?”, He looked at her with greedy eyes.

The boat started sailing. He turned around and jumped into the boat quickly.

He was joyfully bidding her goodbye, requesting her to pray for him. She stood there looking at the boat blankly.

The trees, the leaves, the logs, everything around started howling at her, “You fool! fools deserve this”, but she stood tall facing them all and smiling inside.

His words kept ringing in her ears, “You are very clever!!!”

The boat was cozy inside. He was happy with his “New She”.

“I am all yours!”, he said with pride and told her how desperately he longed for the day. His stories were too amusing for the New She, especially those which he narrated about the Island Girl.

He told the New She, how interested and desperate was the Island Girl but he chose Her above her; only because he was a kind and pure man who truly believed in humanity.

The Island Girl was back to her routine. Preparing all day for the night and all night for a day.

The night after his departure, she came across few left overs. They were some worthy lessons flying here and there. She grabbed one and started reading,

“If the Wrong Man was honest,

This is what he would say to you….

I only pay you compliments to get you to lower your guards;

I need time….

Time to fill your head with all the things you want to hear.

I’ll never love you, but I’ll act like I do just long enough to get everything I want from you.

Deep down inside you know I’m wrong for you,

but my words and my acts are so strong

that you ignore your intuition even when I slip up.

Now, I’ve got you right where I need you to be….

Ignoring what you know is best for you and already making excuses for me.”

She held the written piece tightly in her hand and smiled once again wrapping her scarf tightly around her, whispering to herself,

“Who is a fool?”

(Credits: Quote taken from an excerpt by an anonymous author)

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