Alkhidmat distributes Ration of over 1 Billion among the poor

ISLAMABAD: The Alkhidmat Foundation has distributed ration of over 1 billion rupees among the poor masses of the country since the outbreak of Covid19 in Pakistan.

In his media statement the president of Alkhidmat Foundation Islamabad Office Hamid Athar has said that the Alkhidmat Foundation has distributed foods and other ration among thousands of poor families around the country.

in Islamabad only the Alkhidmat Foundation has distributed ration among more than 11000 families including families of 362 orphans who are deprived of their parents.

He elaborated that they will keep on helping the poor people until the outbreak in the country was ended; adding that it was the duty of all the Muslims to help the poor people in such a tough time. He said that they would try to reach to the doors of the poor people for the purpose not to let them feel alone.

It is important to mention that the Alkhidmat Foundation besides the delivery of ration to the needy people have also completed its chlorination campaign in spots including mosques, Gurdwaras, Temples, and Churches around the country.

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