Don’t Rest Until You Beat The Best

“Never lose hope, my dear heart. Miracles dwell in the invisible” says Rumi

A person’s behavior towards others reflects the background they come from. Sometimes life doesn’t go according to our plan.

It has its twists and turns which we all have to face and then only we get to see their real colors and their upbringing. Being a human we rush after things and don’t wait for the right time. Instead, we want everything at the very moment and do not believe in God’s plan.

Rather, we cry and ask Him why our wishes are not being granted. And while being so impatient, we stop believing in God’s plan. Our Faith tends to curtail in His ability of  providing us with what we’ve asked for or what is better for us!

There was a guy who was content with whatever he had, be it in case of people around him, his lifestyle or education. He always used to listen to his elders and did what they said. But after being graduated from a renowned institution and having no opportunity to practice whatever he had learnt, to turn his dreams into reality, to achieve his goals, to make his life better by having a good job, he was disheartened.

He kept on looking for a good job but didn’t get any. The person who used to be happy with whatever he had, was not happy anymore. The guy cried in front of God and asked why he did not get a job despite having graduated from a renowned institution. At this moment in life, his faith in God’s perfect timing shattered and the trust he had in himself was demolished. All this had a permanent impact on his behavior as well as his personality. The guy who was once happy to be with everyone now preferred to remain isolated.

He had stopped caring for himself and lost hope in every way. One night while going to bed, he prayed to God for his death, since he could not bear so much pain. But God had some other plans for him. The moment he said all this while crying, his phone vibrated out of nowhere and guess what? He received an email from an organization in which he had applied for a job when he had not even graduated.

The company was one of the best organizations in the country. It was a multinational company. This way the guy got the job, lived his life to the fullest and reminded himself that everything takes time. Things happen at the right time when God wants them to happen, not when we ask for it!

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