Ensuring food security: Flood-hit farmers to get seed and fertilizer

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PESHAWAR: USAID’s Economic Recovery and Development Activity (USAID-ERDA) and Agriculture, Livestock, and Cooperative Department of Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will provide 743 tons of certified wheat seed and 1485 tons of fertilizer to 14,850 flood-affected farmers from Peshawar, Dera Ismail Khan, and Khyber districts to ensure food security for current cropping season.

USAID-ERDA provided 1,900 bags (50 Kg each bag) of certified wheat seed and 3,800 bags (50 Kg each bag) of fertilizer to flood-affected farmers of Mathra, Shah Alam, and Chamkani, in Peshawar.


The USAID-ERDA assistance enables 19,00 flood-affected farmers’ families to cultivate wheat crops on their 1,900 acres of land during this Rabi season which will ultimately ensure food security through the availability of sufficient wheat in the next harvesting season.

USAID-ERDA will provide certified wheat seed and fertilizer to 12100 farmers from Dera Ismail Khan and 850 farmers from Khyber districts during this month.

This year intense rainfall in monsoon spells and flash-flood caused severe flooding across Pakistan. It impacted the whole fabric of life, involving huge losses and damage to agriculture, livestock, shelters, and infrastructure.

This all forced the government to declare a flood emergency and call an appeal for humanitarian assistance.At the request of the KP government, the USAID-ERDA decided to extend critical support to ensure food security in flood-affected Dera Ismail Khan, Peshawar and Khyber districts of the province.

“The farmers are the most affected segment and they need our assistance to cover their losses and get them back on track. USAID has been very kind in providing their assistance and we expect them that they will continue their support in rehabilitation of our farmers”, said Mohammad Israr Khan, Secretary of Agriculture.

USAID-ERDA in coordination with the Agriculture and Livestock Department earlier conducted a quick assessment of 1,900 affected farmers’ from three areas namely Mathra, Shah Alam, and Chamkani of Peshawar district, which were provided with certified wheat seed and fertilizer.

This support is expected to ensure food security for the affected population of Peshawar. By Roshan Khan Wazir

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