EU civil society organization cautions Pakistan govt. against civil award to Losar 

"In the name of bringing poor people to Europe, he is deeply involved in human smuggling with some criminal groups in Portugal": alleges Organization

BRUSSELS: A Belgian based European civil society body “The Welfare organization” has cautioned government of Pakistan against possible awarding of country’s national award, Tamgha i Khidmat to Chaudhry Pervaiz Iqbal Losar, an overseas Pakistani.

“We are writing this letter on behalf of Pakistani community in Belgium and Europe. The purpose of this letter is to highlight the case of Chaudhry Pervaiz Iqbal Losar, who claims that he would be conferred Tamghai Khidmat by the honourable President of Pakistan. We as patriotic Pakistanis want to save the name and image of Pakistan and respect for Pakistan’s civil awards,” said the letter addressed to Prime Minister Imran Khan.


The Organization alleged that Pervaiz Losar is a habitual criminal who has been involved in illegal activities for many years and cases against him are being heard in the Belgian courts.

“He has deliberately bankrupted many fake companies; first he would set up a fake company under a fake name. He would then pretend to export the goods then file bankruptcy,” read the letter. It further said Parvaiz Iqbal has also embezzled VAT of Belgium custom.

In the name of bringing poor people to Europe, he is deeply involved in human smuggling with some criminal groups in Portugal. These activities brought a very bad name to the country and threw mud on Pakistan’s image, the Organization alleged.

In Pakistan, the letter further said, a murder case is pending against Parvaiz Iqbal. His major source of income in Pakistan is human smuggling. Due to many fraud cases against him in Belgium, he has registered in different cities than his actual place of residence, to hide himself from creditors.

“Parvaiz Iqbal is a habitual offender in the police list who lives on government handouts generally called unemployment benefit. We also want to make it known here that this person is deprived of the positive general character certificate of Belgium which can be obtained easily from the municipality of a person’s residential administrative office,” claimed the letter.

“Not only that, Parvaiz Iqbal has taken pictures with General Musharraf and other army generals which he would use to give the impression that he has relations with high-profile people. Moreover, he claims connections with Pakistan’s intelligence agencies.  He has extracted millions of rupees from innocent people living in Europe for ‘resolving’ their problems in Pakistan” the letter further added.

The letter further said that Parvaiz Iqbal has nothing to do with the Kashmir cause. Rather, he used it for personal benefits. “Granting Pakistan’s Civil Award to a person who absolutely did nothing for the country and involved in heinous crimes will be great injustice to the country and shame for Pakistani community in Belgium and Europe,” said the letter.

The Organization has also appealed Prime Minister of Pakistan to fully investigate this person before taking any decision regarding granting him any award.

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