Karachi based businessman converts hospital into free Coronavirus treatment center

KARACHI: The Coronavirus has not only infected the infected but has harassed the world where we have been hearing about such inhumane behavior as rationing and raising prices of sanitizers and face masks.

Unfortunately, this is how “WE” as a nation behave and this is how “WE” are claimed to be wired but not to forget even the weakest ray of light has power to kill the deepest darkness.

And with surging chaos and negativity, heaves true humanity! Blessed and proud are we to own such humane individuals who place kindness above their possessions and they prefer to serve than to consume.

Hunaid Lakhani, who is also Chairman of Iqra University has proved to be one such emblem of kindness. This gentleman is not only providing free of cost treatment for Coronavirus at his newly established welfare hospital in Karachi but has actually decreed to turn the whole building into an isolation ward for the patients.

This hospital is located in North Nazimabad, near Ziauddin Hospital.

Moreover, it has been reported that he has announced to deliver ration to the patients’ places. This might apparently seem insignificant for some to highlight his input but wait a minute, he deserves much more than only words of appreciation for upon such shoulders is the credit of fueling and feeding humanity in this dying country where an ordinary citizen like me remembers their rights completely indifferent of the duties we owe.

Thus, it is extremely important in this hour of global emergency to pay due credits to such efforts because firstly, if we cannot do anything, we can at least acknowledge the efforts; Secondly, this may help in spreading positivity which the world direly needs at this time.

Dalai Lama had rightly said; World belongs to humanity, not this leader, that leader or that king or prince or religious leader. World belongs to humanity.



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